Mezzanine & Structured & Equity Finance

Mezzanine & Structured & Equity Finance

Our clients have confidently relied on us to present and explain the most suitable finance options for their particular situation, and we have built a reputation for achieving the most beneficial outcomes for our clients’ specific projects.

Mezzanine & Structured & Equity Finance financiers may offer advantageous lending arrangements to help optimise a client’s project strategy by minimising the required amount of equity to commence a project, or conversely by pulling equity out of a project under construction.

Pursuing this option involves a process that can be quite daunting for most people, including identifying suitable financiers, establishing clear and mutual expectations, comparing “like for like” terms and ensuring that terms are appropriate and achievable.

Over many years, we have acquired the capabilities to deliver this service efficiently and reliably.

Our track record of professionalism demonstrated in numerous projects has helped us earn the trust of some of the industry’s best financiers and, above all, the satisfaction of our clients.

Synergy’s clients have access to our network of finance players as part of their finance options, and can rely on our impartial, transparent advice and analysis to establish if this finance option is suitable to achieving the best outcome for their particular project.

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